If you are looking to update your hinges on your cabinets you will first need to determine your cabinet style, followed by your door type and overlay (if applicable). Most cabinets in America fall into the face frame category with overlay doors. Our visual guide below will help you determine what you have and how to measure your overlay. It will also show you various styles of hinges with links to find them on our site if you are trying to match what you currently have.

Note: Surface and semi-concealed hinges are sold in pairs; concealed/Euro hinges are sold individually and require mounting plates (also sold individually).

Determine your cabinet type

Framed Cabinet Example
Face Frame: The cabinet face is constructed of vertical "stiles" and horizontal "rails" that reinforce the cabinet structure and provide mounting support for doors and drawers.
Frameless Cabinet Example
Frameless: The cabinet is constructed without any face framing. Doors and drawers are mounted to the sides of the cabinet. Fully concealed hinges are used for the doors.

Door type

Inset Door ExampleFlush/Inset Door: Sits completely within cabinet opening, has no edges to grab onto and needs hardware to pull open. Ideally used with face frame cabinets.
Partial Inset Door Door ExamplePartial Inset Door: Sits partially in cabinet opening and partially across face of cabinet.
Half Overlay Door ExampleHalf Overlay: Must be attached to a framed cabinet. Cabinet door sits slightly apart from one another, revealing a piece of the face frame.
Full Overlay Door ExampleFull Overlay: Sits fully across face of cabinet with no reveal.

How to measure overlay

  1. The overlay is the portion of yor door that covers your face frame on the hinged side.
  2. With the door closed on your cabinet use a pencil or a piece of tape to mark the edge of the hinged side of the door.
  3. Open or remove the door and measure from the inside edge of the frame to your mark.
Finding Overlay step 1

Concealed Hinges

Face Frame Hinge ExampleFace Frame
  • Standard or Soft Close
  • Search: Optimat
Face Frame Hinge Mounted Example
Half Overlay Hinge ExampleHalf Overlay Half Overlay Hinge Mounted Example
Full Overlay Hinge ExampleFull Overlay Full Overlay Hinge Mounted Example
Inset Hinge ExampleInset Inset Hinge Mounted Example

Surface Mount Hinges

Surface Mount Inset Hinge3/8" Inset Surface Mount Inset Hinge Mounted Example
Surface Mount Face Frame HingeFace Frame Surface Mount Face Frame Hinge Mounted Example
Flush Mount HingeFlush Flush Mount Hinge Mounted Example
Self Mortised HingeSelf Mortised Self Mortised Hinge Mounted Example

Semi-Concealed/Wrap Hinges

Semi-Concealed Inset HingeInset Semi-Concealed Inset Hinge Mounted Example
Semi-Concealed Partial Wrap HingePartial Wrap Semi-Concealed Partial Wrap Hinge Mounted Example
Semi-Concealed Partial Wrap HingePartial Wrap Semi-Concealed Partial Wrap Hinge Mounted Example
Semi-Concealed Full Wrap HingeFull Wrap Semi-Concealed Full Wrap Hinge Mounted Example
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